How to Find a Lost Pet

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Have you lost your pet? Please don’t panic, most times your pet will manage to find its way home, and has maybe just strayed a bit further than it meant to. There are a number of things you can do to help in your search to bring your pet home safely.

1. Search

Make sure that the minute you are worried your pet hasn’t returned home that you search your neighbourhood extensively. Look in difficult areas and common places frightened animals might hide. Notify your neighbours and give them photos so that they too will know it is your pet if they cross its path.

Don’t stop searching, and make sure and do a couple of search trips a day in the upcoming weeks after your pet has gone missing, in case it is in different areas at different times.

2. Contact Local Shelters

Once you’ve searched, the next step to take is to contact local animal shelters, animal control agencies and also veterinary practices. You can usually file a lost pet report, hang a sign on their internal notice board, or submit a post to their website. Be ready to provide an accurate description, an “about me” on your pet, a clear photograph and any other necessary information you feel could help local people locate your pet.

Also, if you believe that your pet was stolen, then you need to report this to the police, as they would considered this a criminal act.

3. Advertise

In a similar vein to contacting local shelters, you can create an advertisement detailing that your pet is lost and a quick “about me”, including their age, weight, sex, breed, colour and markings. Post this advertisement in local newspapers, community centres, libraries, grocery stores, and any locations where there may be a community pin board.

The more people that are aware of and on the lookout for your lost pet, the more chances you have for someone spotting them.

The Power of The Internet

Utilize the power of the Internet and social media to your advantage. Post the news about your lost pet and ask friends to share it so it can reach a wider network. There are also lots of websites that will advertise they have found a missing pet, so research the ones in your area and keep checking them in case anyone has found your pet.