Animals I remember

Pets will become part of your family and will always hold a special place in your heart. Films like ‘Lassie’ and ‘Yojiro’ among others revisit and explore this theme. That special bond you form with your buddy is really one of a kind and unlike anything else you will ever experience.

Sooty Arrives

I always wanted a pet, but my mom would not allow it. After all, she already had her hands full with two little girls and a demanding full time job as a nurse. She had no time to walk a dog or clean up cages, and we girls were mischievous and nowhere near responsible enough to be able to take care of ourselves let alone a pet.

However when I had a bad accident, and had to spend a significant time at home recovering, her heart softened. She adopted a dog from a vet patient of hers.

My Fluffy Puppy

I ran to the door to greet my mom when she came home from her night shift. And as I jumped into her arms to hug her, I saw something fluffy peeking out of her pocket. As mom picked me up, I curiously questioned her. Placing me down, mommy dug into her pocket, claiming she bought new mittens… and proceeded to hand her daughter a puppy, barely larger than the palm of her hand.Squealing with excitement, I grasped at the puppy, almost crushing it. At which point mother had taken it from me, called over her other daughter and explained that there came certain obligations with welcoming a new family member. The girls had to understand that they were to take responsibility for the puppy and promise to take good care of her.

Naming the baby dog Sooty, after our favourite film about the little orphan girl, I swore an oath to be a good mommy to our baby girl. Knowing that mom would have taken the puppy away should we fail in our duties, me and my sister did our best to keep up.

My friends and me actually went so far as to organize for animal rights in the written agreement we drafted with my mom. Being true to our word we shared and went on to experience beautiful adventures with Sooty.