Organize in Animal Rights

With pets come responsibilities, and as we all know, responsibilities go hand in hand with rights. Animals have rights too, and they need to be respected. Too many people underestimate the fact that little buddies come with needs that need to be attended to, and forget that a pet is not just for Christmas.

It’s not just our pets that help us, but many other animals bring us advances in medicine, entertain us in shows and on the big screen, and work with law enforcement and other professionals in a relationship dating back hundreds of years.


Even the animals that some of us choose to eat are meant to experience no cruelty, with proper attention paid to prevent illness or unnecessary pain in death. There is the movement to raise animals in more spacious, natural settings, rather than the cramped industrial warehouses of factory farming. Whether you treat it as a moral or environmental issue, it is a subject worth considering.

Circuses and Entertainment

Many have raised the issue of exotic animals used for entertainment in travelling circuses, and called for a ban on this. In Hollywood and in studios around the world, trained wild animals act out stunts with trained professionals for the viewing of millions. Many see this as exploitative, while others marvel at the chance to share the beauty of these creatures with the world.

Animal Testing

One of the most controversial issues of the modern era is animal testing. While any of us would hate to see undue suffering given to another living thing, we cannot deny the medical progress that animal testing affords us. At the very least, we can ensure that testing is heavily regulated, so that any suffering is limited to only the most necessary, lifesaving research.

Do Your Part

This is why it is important to grasp all that is entailed in owning and caring for a pet. With pets, for example, we can take care to put chips in them, to easily identify them so you don’t have to worry about how to find a lost pet. This kind of identification technology makes it easier when authorities are required to compassionately and efficiently care for animals.

Whether it’s just basic care in reproductive control, vaccination, or simply providing an adequate diet, your pet has a right to be treated with compassion. So it is important to do your part in helping to improve the lives of all animals.