Pet Accessories

First time pet owners are often overwhelmed at the number and variety of different accessories to be found for any pet. This is why you might want to read up and prepare before you go out and get your pet. You can avoid any potential stress that might leave you feeling dazed.

The Essentials

If you’re keeping reptiles, small mammals, fish, birds, etc., you might need an aquarium or small cage, for example. If you’re rearing your animals indoors, you’ll need litter boxes or other toiletry arrangements for your new guest.

Clear Tags and Collars for Cats and Dogs, to Help Prevent Them From Getting Lost.

Your furry or furless friend is going to need somewhere to rest their heads at night. This might require special arrangements such as outdoor kennels or coops, bedding, or other arrangements for various indoor pets.


Your pal needs to keep active, both mentally and physically. This means that you’re going to have to set aside part of your pet budget for various sorts of entertainment and interactive tools for your animal to enjoy. Cats will need scratching posts, aquariums will need furnishings, and that’s just the basics. Even something as simple as a tennis ball for a dog can make all the difference.

Grooming and Care

Pets get dirty. So besides time, you’re also going to need a number of accessories to help you keep your pet clean and hygienic. Whether it be claw clippers, brushes and shampoos, you may need to get advice from someone who’s very familiar with both the animal and sometimes the specific breed. Some dogs and cats need to be brushed daily, while others only need the occasional bath.

Pet Fashion

Sometimes your pet needs to be stylish. Maybe it’s an unseasonably cold winter and they need a cute little sweater, or you just want that jumper to match your autumn look book. Your companion and you might just want to dress up in costumes, do some cos play, for a festive occasion, family photo shoot, or just to post on Instagram. Those “animal I remember” moments from Facebook, and of course those requisite cat memes, don’t just come out of nowhere; someone has to bite the bullet and put a cat in a pumpkin costume!

Transport and Outdoors

Not all pets can just be put on a lead and taken out. Sometimes it’s just too far to walk, and sometimes you need special transport aides. Whether it’s special seating, carriers, muzzles or leashes, you need to think about how your pet is going to get around.

Be sure to check local law about what’s required for you to have when you take your pet out. It might be as simple as carrying a small plastic bag when you take your dog on a walk.