Toys for Dogs

It is important to keep your dog active, both physically and mentally. One of the best ways to do this is with toys.


Sometimes you might question how toys actually benefit your pooch. When thinking about it, just remind yourself, your dog is the equivalent of a child and as such needs entertainment, but also to be taught how to act.

During the puppy phase, gathering some good core toys can help with training, especially when it comes to chewing and digging. These types of behaviour are usually indicative of a dog that is bored and needs some stimulation.

As well as making sure that your lovely little pup is entertained and being active, certain toys are geared to helping with their coordination, keeping their teeth and claws filed, and even some that will increase their intelligence and learning.

For your dog, the benefits are endless, from having fun to staying healthy to learning new skills and keeping their minds agile. For you, there is also the joy of playing with your dog, as well as training it so that your house is in order and not torn to tatters.

Types of Toys

  1. Intelligence toys – these consist of toys that are designed to increase your dog’s intelligence. Similar to educational toys, these hone their natural hunting instincts and sense, making them more aware and sharp.
  2. Coordination toys – this group of toys helps to increase their eye to paw coordination, by having puzzles that force them to get toys or treats from hard to reach places.
  3. Comfort toys – these are usually plush and provide your pup with comfort, either when you’re not there or when they are asleep. They’re normally soft and big, to give warmth and protection.
  4. Durable toys – these toys are hard toys such as plastic bones. They are good for keeping your dog amused when you aren’t around; able to be played with without too much damage to the toy – they are good for keeping your pup from chewing up the house when you aren’t there.
  5. Bonding and training toys – this group include interactive toys for you and your dog. Think of things such as tugging toys and fetching toys, as well as treat dispenser toys. These are all used for training your dog through trial and reward, and also creating a bond through interactive play such as ‘fetch’.

Our Favourites

Whilst there is a great range of toys on the market, we do have some favourites! Here’s our top three to go and check out:

1. Mammoth Flossy Chews 3 Knot Rope Tug

2. Cagey Cube

3. Chuck-it Indoor Ball

However, always remember to try out a new toy with your dog under your supervision, to make sure it suits them and their personality! It is a very important part of his or her growth and development, and each dog is different!

If you’re struggling with your cat to get them to play with toys, try getting them to interact by associating it with their favourite food. You’ll find they definitely start to like these toys maybe even better than their own food, and definitely better than the best cat food out there!